Nasty C, Legend in the making

24 April, 2021

The Ivyson rapper has been in the United States of America for a few days now and at first, we had assumed Nasty was just on vacation because on the first day he was posting up Instagram stories of him at the Atlanta based ‘Trap Music Museum’ just hanging out with his team. As of now Nasty C posted a picture with him and DJ Whoo Kid in the studio and captioned it “Big bro what we doing!!?”. We are looking forward to hearing what the artists have been cooking up in the studio and one thing we are sure about is that Nasty never disappoints when it comes to his international collaborations.

It started with two long lines, and ended up with the venue being crowded at the gate. It was then closed due to the disorder and number of fans who were trying to gain entry. Earlier on Saturday, people tagged Vinny on social media, showing him they were travelling from afar to get to his party. Known for his unique dancing and MCing events, the rising star made it big on social media in recent months. Many were shocked at the turnout of the party.

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